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Content Entry

Entering the content into your course can be long and tedious work. I will work with you to take down this content entry burden, so you can get your course up and running ASAP!


User Testing

The student experience is arguably the largest aspect of course building, so you want to make sure you have that down pat. I will use a test student account to test your course and do quality assurance.

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Reach out by email and we can get the conversation started on how I can best help you optimize your online course!

Why Will Middleton?


We can meet to discuss what you are looking for with your online course for content entry and user testing. I will work with you to make sure your students have a smooth experience on your platform!

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I will work with you to develop a time frame for your project and we can get your project under way. We can also meet consistently to discuss updates and we can make changes to your platform as you see fit!

Samples of My Work

Fast Track To Eagle Method

WillMiddleton.net Sample Course

Idococorp Sample Course

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