Will Middleton's project archive

Will Middleton Plays Video Games

A YouTube channel I started around the start of 2020 and revisited a few fond childhood games.


I started out doing WordPress freelance work in 2018 with my site WPCourseGuide.com. Started doing freelance work being listed on the LifterLMS experts page.

Fast Track To Eagle Scout Course

After working throughout middle school to reach Eagle Scout by age 14, I created this online course to learn the ropes with LifterLMS and WordPress and test out my course creation (2018)

StarFruit - YouTube

A YouTube channel I started in early 2017. More of myself playing the same video games I would end up playing later on my Will Middleton Plays Video Games Channel.

  • (2018) ApostleTees.com – online store selling meme t-shirts.
  • (2018) CourseNovice.com – online course website training in online business tips such as learning SEO.
  • (2017) Sand Spectacles – an online store selling blue light blocking sunglasses.
  • (2017) Obsessive Skin Care – a skin care blog (aimed to make money with affiliate commissions through Amazon’s affiliate program)